Weight Loss Interview with a woman who lost over 220 pounds (100 kilograms)
Weight Loss Interview with a woman who lost over 220 pounds (100 kilograms)
October 18, 2016
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Top 26 superfoods for weight loss 2016
October 19, 2016

Why crunches don`t work?

Why crunches don`t work?

Why don’t crunches work?

Why is so hard to burn belly fat with crunches? Can u lose belly fat without exercise?

These are just a few of the main questions people ask when it gets to belly fat burning. In this article, we will help you answer the simple question – Why crunches don`t work? If you have the answer to this question, you can easily find your answer about your whole body workout routine and get better results, burn fatter and burn it not only from your belly.

Usually, people do exercises for the parts of their body they consider “problematic”, as their goal is to lose fat there. In our site, we have repeatedly explained how this is wrong and not possible to achieve any fitness or bodybuilding results if you train only these specific “problematic” body zones. We came up with allegory that can make it very clear how the energy in the body functions.

Imagine the electrical appliances at your place. When you turn the lamp you start spending power and it accumulates to your total electricity bill.

As you turn the TV back you are spending power and it accumulates to the total electricity bill.

This is how your body works as well. As there is no separate electricity bill for the bulb, a bill for the TV, a bill for the refrigerator, there is no specific energy consumption for just one body part – belly, legs and so on.

Similarly, in the body, there is a common source of energy and when you are doing crunches you do not burn on the source of energy for the belly but from the total energy source. The total energy source is subcutaneous fat all over the body, the glycogen in the muscles and the food we eat.

This is the simple answer to the question –

Why is so hard to burn belly fat with crunches?

additionally, this answers another related question like:

How many crunches to make to burn belly fat? – There is no specific number that works. If you train your whole body, you will need much less crunches in your workout routines.

If you have fat thighs and you are doing exercises for legs, you are spending from the total source of energy. By your genes and hormones, it depends on which body part you will start to burn fat first. It may happen that you are on a diet, doing only crunches and lose fat at the hips, but the belly remains the same, that even grows (it is more common for men than women).

Why is this possible – I am on a diet and do crunches but my belly grows?

This is because when you are on a diet there is a shortage of energy, your body starts the process of burning fat and according to your genetic material, it decides it is better to keep belly fat and burn fat in the butt. At the same time, you are only training muscles of the abdomen and they increased their volume, fat is almost the same and the result is the even greater circumference of the abdomen. This is a hypothetical situation, but it is possible to happen.

Practice shows that if you follow the diet with energy shortage long enough and train the whole body, sooner or later you will start burning fat throughout the body, as from your genes it depends on where more and where less. Typically, women burn belly fat easier and it is harder for them to burn fat from thighs and buttocks. Men have nice, tight hips, buttocks and belly and burning fat from the so called love handles is the real problem.

To use a metaphor for the fat burning process, how it works and how to burn more fat with your daily workouts – So if you want to have a higher energy bill and you want to get it fast, then you should turn on the appliances that spend most energy – cooking appliances, the heating, air conditioning and not bulbs.

How to get rid of belly fat – FAST? How to lose some extra pounds?

Same with your body if you want to spend more energy is better to “turn” the muscles that burn more energy. These are the large muscle groups such as thighs, buttocks, chest, back and abdomen. I.e. to burn belly fat, you should spend as much energy from the total energy resources of the body. This is obtained by doing exercises for the major muscle that will spend more energy for the same reps compared with isolated exercises for arms or abdomen, for example.

Belly fat workout at the gym

Exercises like squats are training large muscles of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and stabilizers of the spine.

Pushups train the chest, abdomen, back of the hand(triceps) and the lower back.

Why crunches don`t work?

Why don’t crunches work all alone? Summary

If you want to lose belly fat do crunches for belly fat burning (and other exercises for belly), but include workouts for other large muscles that will increase your overall energy consumption and will help you do a calorie deficit.

The calorie deficit is a simple mathematical formula that shows how many calories you take with food and how many calories you spend per day. In order to burn 1 gram of fat you need 9 calories less (either eat 9 calories less or burn them with exercises).

So lose 1-kilogram fat you need 9000 calories less – you decide which is healthier – either to starve or to burn them. Here you can see what happens with your body if you starve!

On one hand, if you do crunches, your other muscles are fresh and after a tired belly, you can continue with your hips. On the other hand, you have trained longer and you’ve spent more energy than just with crunches.

Do not overestimate the calories you spend with exercise. It is not easy to burn the additional 300 calories that you eat with exercises. 300 calories are one hour moderately difficult training or 30-40 minutes super, hard workout.

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