Top 6 Fitness & BodyBuilding Supplements 2015
Top 6 Fitness & BodyBuilding Supplements 2015
October 18, 2016
Why crunches don`t work?
Why crunches don`t work?
October 19, 2016

Weight Loss Interview with a woman who lost over 220 pounds (100 kilograms)

Weight Loss Interview with a woman who lost over 220 pounds (100 kilograms)

The series of weight loss interviews and weight loss success stories aim to shed more light on the lifestyle of the regular users on our site – what they do, how they train, how and what do they eat, why they started, what motivates them and what is their assessment of our services.

“Losing weight is a great motivation and gift that you can give yourself, and not a self torture”

If it ever occurred to you that you are just hopeless and that there is no point of fighting weight, because, the weight loss battle is already lost for you then – This weight loss interview of a woman who lost over 200 pounds is for you. She has a lot to tell, as her achievements are impressive, healthy and will be visible in the long run.

Introduce yourself to our readers?

Let my name remain a secret, I am a 40 years old woman and I live a normal life.

What do you do and how do you combine sport with everyday life?

I’m an economist. My desire is to spend as much time as I can, to walk and to be out. During the day I work, so my routine was: after work – getting home by foot – walking as I heard that this can help me burn fat and help me lose weight. The walking is no less than an hour a day. Also I do biking if I do not have the time to walk for an hour. I also love dancing every evening at home, of couse I combine all this with exercises – I have my own workout routine that we will discuss later in my weight loss success story.

During the weekends I am out for at least 4-5 hours, sometimes all day out cycling or walking with my dog. In general, I try to be out and move whenever possible.

Losing Weight Walking vs Running

In my situation and with the weight I had, it was impossible to run. Running was something I could only watch other people do. You cannot image how hard and tiring is to try running if you have more than 200 pounds to lose from your body weight. Walking and biking were the only possible exercises that I could do in the beginning. They were complex and involved all my body. This is what I thought will be the most beneficial workout to start with – walking and biking.

I did walking and biking as:

With the onset of autumn and winter, I’ll have to think of other ways to do sports, so I thought about going to the gym. So now I go to the gym.

I read a lot, now I have a lot of theoretical fitness and bady building knowledge. I read here in your site, in forums, I bought a new towel and with fresh steps, I went to the gym.

The gym was nice, I was full of respect, there were many, and any intricate iron things with unknown purpose to me. All machines were busy.

I went shyly around several workout machines. I could not get a turn on any of those machines. At times, my hopeful and expectant gaze was interpreted wrong, and at one point in me an inconvenience ripe.

I did not lose my presence of mind and I did exit the gym with a sport step. I am very pleased! Immediately I felt firmer and toned. I will go again and I may even be able to work out the next time. This is what I said to myself.

When did you start working out and playing sports and what motivated you to start?

I started about a year and a half ago. At first, it was any kind of movement that I was good at – walking and biking. The lighter I was getting, the more things I could do and the more hard workouts I could do. And the motive – there was no motive, there was a desire to move, to do things, to walk, to run, to bike …

Having a desire to lose weight is the first step of losing not only 10, 50, 100 but even more than 200 pounds of weight.

After several years of complete inactivity, I had so much movement to catch up. It was as if my body just wanted that, without the need of saying to myself that I should do exercises, I need to ride a bike …

It is nice to get tired physically, to see if I can get at the top of a hill with the bike and other things like that. It is nice to feel that I can do better and better, that I can surprise myself as I get at the top of any hill without losing my breath, for example.

You have achieved impressive results in the fight against extreme weight – 220 pounds in just two years! Tell us your story – how it all began and how you got there.

At first, I was immense and immeasurable. Literally immeasurable, there was no scale nor centimetre that could measure me. I was probably about 370 pounds (170 kilograms) or more. I started just like that – immediately. I thought about it and started the same day – the end of May 2012.

My first weight loss diet was water with honey and sweet red pepper for about ten days, I lost 26 pounds (12 kilograms), then for another week I lost 17 pounds (8 kilograms).

It was clear to me that this is not the way, but I needed a kickstart.

I read a lot, I made a diet plan, armed myself with patience and continued on … so until the end of May 2014: two years and 220 punds less (100 kilograms).

During this time, after the first extreme weight lost that I knew was neighter healthy nor good in the long run, I started losing weight by an average of 6 to 10 pounds per month.

Basically how I did it:

serious calorie deficit,

track ( “count”) of calories

and mainly

high-protein and low-fat diet that was involved in the praparation of my weight loss meals list.

Deliberately I avoid saying a specific diet because I do not follow any specific diet from the well knows diets. Rather I took ideas and I made meals convenient for me.

Weight Loss Interview with a woman who lost over 220 pounds (100 kilograms)

How to endure two years of fasting?

Well, the problem is in the first month, then the brain starts spewing endorphins to compensate for the stress and you start walking self-hypnotised, self-stoned and happier. I am joking.

At the beginning, I was almost a cripple, I was tired to stand, confidently headed toward diabetes type II, with impaired blood circulation, severe backache, joint ache and a bunch of other troubles with my whole body.

With each pound lost naturally I felt better and half a year later most of my problems went down to minor or completely disappeared.

So I turned the defect into an effect – I used the low start from which I started, to hold positive emotions from my progress as a reason to go forward.

What goals you set now? Do you think a lot about your Weight Loss Success story before and after?

My goals now are to be healthy, firm and strong. Naturally, I want to be slim and good looking, but it is more importantly for me to be healthy, strong, flexible, so I can do whatever I want.

I plan to do yoga and to try mountain biking from next spring. I happen to be more addicted to biking, and I even improved myself at that. I want to learn to ride a horse.

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What is your Weight Loss Success Story Diet plans and What Workouts do you prefer?

Well, I eat when I’m hungry. I have no precise schedule. I’m a night owl, so my main meal is dinner. Generally, during the day hot beverages – tea, cocoa, coffee.

I combine one meal for breakfast / lunch between 13 and 15 o’clock and dinner at about 22-23 o’clock. During the day I can eat fruits or fresh vegetables also I eat dark chocolate and nuts in limited quantities without any remorse.

For my lunch meal I usually choose meat or curd/ cheese with fresh vegetables. Every day I eat eggs as they are high in protein and low in carbs. For dinner I eat meat (or fish) again with vegetables.

I do not eat factory-prepared food, I prefer to buy raw materials and to cook them myself.

In short – I eat eggs and meat (especially pork and veal) every day, plenty of vegetables, limited fruits and nuts, dairy products also limited – I eat them for a change.

I prefer the workouts to be rather chaotic. Because the basic principle for me is “all backwards” I can not and do not want to run into a strict plan or scheme to make a precise training schedule, cycles, circular workouts, with a number of exercises, repetitions and so on.

So I do stretching and exercises for different muscle groups on different days – according to my mood. I always combine it with dance and music and spend between an hour and two hours almost every day.

Do you use fitness and bodybuilding supplements for your extreme weight loss? What do you think about sports nutrition and supplements?

I do not use supplements. I think there are great products with undoubted benefits – such as fish oil, vitamins and microelements, for example. But there are also thousands of products without which we can do just fine.

The fact is that food becomes more inefficient and can not provide us everything necessary to be healthy. But supply is vast and the variety of supplements – absolutely confusing to me.

We are offered different supplements daily – from useful through harmless (but useless), and to frankly dubious medicines and supplements. If you use supplements it must be an informed-made choice. Otherwise, it is better to abstain.

Describe briefly one day of yours – before and after your extreme weight loss success.

Hard wake up and getting out of bed in the inhumanly early hours after 2-3 hours of sleep, shower, stretching a little while drying out and slight off-road cross (0.5 km).

Desk work with a short shopping stroll at lunchtime with my favourite colleagues. Back home.

Long walk. Immediately after I get back home it’s time to feed my pets (dog and cat). Free activities, mainly not work related. Two-hour training/ workouts/ dance. Again, free activities, mainly not work related again … oh, it happened to be 3 in the morning … and it is time to go to bed.

Have you played another sport before?

Not quite, at a very amateur level at a different time, I dealt with judo, volleyball, gymnastics, jogging (as disoriented footwork around the gardens and stadiums).

What is your opinion about the fitness industry and a healthy lifestyle?

Feels like it is progressing a lot and it’s great. Nutritionists, fitness instructors, fitness coach … new gurus are coming up. Some of them are really playing the role as such. But there are many skilled people who work in this area and for them, I put my fingers crossed. Let things evolve. If there is supply, then there is a demand. It’s great that people are increasingly interested in healthy living.

Your progress is vivid proof that nothing is impossible. What would you advise people who want to lose weight?

I am increasingly reluctant in giving advices when people ask me how to lose weight fast, how to lose more than 50 pounds, how to lose more than 100 pounds or as in my case how to lose more than 200 pounds because they are waiting to hear some super-hyperspectral diet, a miraculous thing to eat, some folly magical drink … and I normally say “eat meat and vegetables, move and workout” it’s not so interesting to them and they think I am skipping the truth.

It is important, of course, what is on your plate, but a hundred times more important is what is in your head.

So my advice is about thinking, not nutrition.

Find a strong, true motive.

Set a realistic goal.

Arm yourself with patience and perseverance.

Believe and act.

Do not give up until you succeed. Focus on the positive.

Losing weight is a great gift that you can give yourself, and not a self torture. If I could do it, so can you.

How did you find our website, what you liked, what could be improved?

In the beginning, as I began to lose weight, I came across your website while looking for information about diets. I loved the fact that the authors are competent, strive to be objective, consider things from all sides, the information presented is interesting and in accessible language.

This site is a positive idea, an interesting and useful place with atmosphere, which I recommend to all my friends. Improvements … I do not know. You are perfect. Keep it up!

Wish something to the readers of our site?

Health and luck. I wish you all not to stop dreaming and to have the courage to pursue your dreams.

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