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October 2, 2016
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Warrior Diet for Weight Loss and Weight Gain

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Warrior diet is an unconventional diet that appeals to the innate human instincts both with the features and with the freedom it offers. The creator of the diet Mr. Ori Hofmekler draws ideas from the diet of the ancient Romans and Greeks. He attributed much of the impressive physics of the Spartans precisely to this bizarre by today’s understandings regime. The main principle is enshrined in the receiving of the primary amount of food once a day – in the evening. There are no restrictions on the amount of calories, or the content of carbohydrates and fats.

How to eat on warrior diet?

There are two main phases of eating while on warriro diet. The first stage is the phase of malnutrition and the second phase is the phase of overeating.

The phase of malnutrition

This stage lasts for most of the day – from the moment of waking up to 16-18 o’clock and its duration depends on the individual adaptation to such a diet. During this period it is importaint to take plenty of fluids – water, caffeinated drinks (optional), fresh fruit juices. The food includes raw fruits and vegetables with low and medium glycemic index. They are accepted in moderation if there is hunger. It is important to note that hunger is controlled – the goal is the purification of the body. The body adapted to this regime does not feel hunger and it is with increased mental and physical energy throughout the day. It must not reach a point of serious energy dips or stomach pain.

What happens to the body while in the area of malnutrition?

  • Reduction of insulin levels, allowing more efficient combustion of subcutaneous fat.
  • At the same time increases the levels of glucagon and human growth hormone, which accelerates extra fat degradation.
  • The body is purified of toxins. Eliminates dead and unnecessary cells (including cancer). Strengthens the immune system.
  • Small amounts of fruits and vegetables increase enzyme activity. Enzymes improve the absorption of food in the next phase and slow down the aging process.
  • Enhances concentration and overall performance of the nervous system.

Warrior Diet - 10 Commandments

Phase of overeating in the Warrior diet

It happens when the body is prepared to fully absorb the large amount of food. It is important to know how to overeat. It is advisable to start dinner with salad after that- foods rich in proteins and fats, and finally – carbohydrates. It is best if the menu is including the most diverse food in terms of taste, smell, hardness and temperature. Natural foods are always the best choice. Stop eating when you begin to feel more thirsty than hungry. The main rule in the Warrior Diet is – no calorie counting, no fear of carbohydrates. If after the first dinner you desire a second or even third – so be it! Listen to your body, it knows what is good for it.

How the controlled overeating affects the body?

  • Fills glycogen stores of the body to have energy for the next day.
  • Improved digestibility of protein accelerates the increase of muscle mass.
  • Abundant meal at once accelerates the metabolism.
  • Carbohydrates taken at the end of dinner, do not convert into fat.
  • Significantly increase the emotional satisfaction from eating.

Note that hunger and nutrition are controlled. The approaches of diet have specific objectives and scientific justification. The adaptation to the Warrior Diet takes between a few days and 2-3 weeks. In the adaptation period you may eat nuts or small amounts of protein (meat, eggs) during the phase of malnutrition. It is easier if this period is gradually increased – at the beginning, for example, maintain controlled hunger until noon and every day increase the duration with an hour.

Warrior Diet Workout

The best workout when on warrior diet is in the late afternoon or an hour before dinner. This produces optimal levels of growth hormone. Bodybuilders will find that this mode is suitable for removing fat. The accumulation of muscle mass is also significant, but within certain limits due to accelerated metabolism.

The weight loss and weight gain diet meets the approval of coaches like Charles Polikin and Pavel Tsatsouline and it is implemented by a large number of professional athletes. It is suitable for people with busy schedules – both men and women. And most importantly – deliver results: improved mental and physical fitness, satisfaction of nutrition and movement and weight loss or weight gain.

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