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Avocado, Parsley and Dill Smoothie Recipe

Avocado, Parsley and Dill Smoothie

Like the muffins, smoothies are addictive too! Just as we can think of million muffin taste combinations – muffins with cheese, muffins with chocolate, banana muffins, smoothies can be sweet or salty, smoothie with banana, smoothie with kiwi, smoothie with you name it! This green Avocado, Parsley and Dill Smoothie is the perfect solution to replace lunch or dinner when you have no time for cooking and you need energy and vitamins. The recipe for this smoothie is extremely fast. Additionally it pleases the eye with its fresh green color and on top of that the flavor is more than delicious.

Avocado, Parsley and Dill Smoothie Ingredients:

yoghurt – 400 grams
avocado – 1 piece
parsley – 1/2 bunch
dill – 1/2 bunch

How to make Avocado, Parsley and Dill Smoothie in two steps:

The first step of the recipe for the green avocado, parsley and dill smoothie is the preparation of the products. Wash the dill and parsley and cut their stems. Peel the avocado.

Using a blender or food processor, mix the cleaned products, avocado and the yoghurt and add ¼ teaspoon salt. Mix for about a minute until a smooth homogeneous smoothie is created.

Avocado, Parsley and Dill Smoothie

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