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High Carbohydrate Diet for Weight Gain

High carbohydrate diet (HCD) - Gain Weight -

High Carb Diet for Weight Gain – strategy to increase muscle mass for the Ectomorph Body Type

The High Carb Diet is a program that provides the body with energy, using primarily carbohydrates – as the name states. In this mode the predominant carbohydrate foods are heavily represented. In most cases, this diet is the closest to the nutrition of people living in coutries in which bread is widely spread. In the High Carbohydrate Diet the proportion between the quantities of fats and carbohydrates in food is around 20 – 30% : 80 to 70% in favor of carbohydrates. This makes the meal plan completely suitable for hard gainers who need more calories and taking more carbs with the food is no problem for them. This diet plan is not suitable for people with Mesomorph body type and Endomorph body type

Allowed foods in the High Carbohydrate Diet (HCD)?

Most of the foods that provide energy for hard training in this diet are one of the following predominantly carbohydrate food groups.

  • bread and bakery products;
  • rice and other cereals (buckwheat, wheat, barley, rye, millet);
  • sugar and confectionery;
  • corn, corn products;
  • potatoes, potato pulp;
  • peas;
  • oat flakes.

The consumption of oils and fats is moderate. The consumption of large quantities of vegetables in the divided meal type is desirable, and when mixed or combined type of meals – vegetables are mandatory. It is recommended to consume nuts separately from carbohydrate prevailing foods.

The place of sweet and dried fruits in dietary day is just after getting up in the morning and fifteen minutes after workout.

High carbohydrate diet (HCD) - Gain Weight -

How to distribute food intake in the High Carbohydrate Diet (HCD)?

If training sessions are well adapted to the diet, the daily dose of nutrients can be distributed as follows:

  • When mixed feeding, daily ration may be divided into 4-5 middle portions;
  • When divided (split into protein and carbohydrate intake) daily ration may be divided into 6-7 smaller portions;
  • When combined version (including the mixed and separately cooked portions), 5-6 servings are “happy medium.”

This diet provides a high and stable levels of glucose in the blood during most of the day, which helps for better absorption of protein. The high level of the insulin hormone promotes more rapid recovery of the torn during the training muscle fibers.

The high level of reserve carbohydrates in muscles leads to less loss of amino acids during the workout.

The above listed advantages of the High Carbohydrate Diet (HCD) help people’s ability to provide their body with protein all the time, accepting less protein than in other diets. For men it is sufficient to take 1.7 to 2.3 grams of protein and for women 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Therefore the most important part of the High Carbohydrate Diet (HCD) is glycogen loading in the post workout meal.

How to prepare meals for a high carb diet?

Fried and breaded carbohydrate prevalent foods are saturated with fats, thus making them slowly digestible. This should not be allowed when prepared. You can boil, bake, boil to steam or stew the food from the carb group.

It is desirable that the fruit and vegetables are eaten raw, stewed or steamed.

What type of training will be most effective according to this type of diet?

The large supply of carbohydrates in the muscles and liver allows high volume long trainings 60-90 minutes. The time for energy recovery of muscle cells, however, has to be extended.

Allow breaks of 2 to 3 minutes allows the blood to deliver glucose from glycogen depot in the liver to each muscle cell. Additionally each cell produces glucose from glycogen of its own stock.

Contraindications and health risks of adherence the High Carbohydrate Diet for Weight Gain

The diet itself does not give a negative impact on health. It is too often stigmatized for a regime that easily accumulates fat. The reasons for the accumulation of body fat is not a result of the diet, but of the of implementation and mistakes made by the athletes.

To be effective, the regime must be well planned and arithmetically calculated. Another criticism of the High Carbohydrate Diet (HCD) is the lack of appetite in the majority of athletes during the summer. Normally the loss of appetite in this season is due to numerous factors. Some of the more important are:

  • thermogenic biological adaptation to ambient temperature, or simply the body tends to lower activity and thus reduce the production of heat to prevent dehydration, especially in people who excluded the salt from their menu;
  • lack of culinary knowledge in athlete;
  • underestimation of the role of fruit and vegetables in seasonal menu;
  • low fluid intake;
  • stress due to lack of sleep;

Ectomorph body type – how to eat to Gain Weight?

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