Weight Loss with Low Carbohydrates Diet
Weight Loss with Low Carbohydrates Diet
September 16, 2016
Complete list of Fish and Seafood allowed on Atkins Diet
Complete list of Fish and Seafood allowed on Atkins Diet
September 17, 2016

Weight Loss with Atkins Diet

Weight Loss with Atkins Diet

This diet is named after its creator – Dr. Robert Atkins. He calls for a new revolution in diets in his book that soon becomes bestseller. All his weight loss articles become extremely popular in no time. Steak with Bearnaise sauce, eggs and bacon, cheddar omelet with cheese – do not throw the yolk. These and many other foods are not only allowed, but even recommended by one of the most controversial and disputed diets – Weight Loss with Atkins Diet.

The diet of Atkins promises not only weight loss, but also promises not to stay hungry with a low-carb diet plan. According to its creator you might also improve your heart health and memory.

The diet is based on the theory that overweight people eat too many carbohydrates. The human body uses carbohydrates and fat to produce energy, but the first your body uses the carbohydrates. By drastically reducing the carbs intake at the expense of protein and fat, your body naturally loses weight because it burns more efficiently the stored fats, according to Dr. Atkins

Although the Atkins diet is mainly known for its weight loss benefits, Dr. Atkins notes that his plan is also aimed at keeping your body weight constant, and your general health good this diet might prevent diseases.

Which foods are allowed in the Atkins Diet?

In preparation mode consists largely of foods high in protein and fat and negligible carbohydrates. Good examples of this are:

  • meat, fillets, ham
  • egg proteins, every 7-10 egg proteins, it is desirable to add 2-3 yolks
  • full-fat cheeses, cottage cheese
  • fish, white fish fillets
  • crab, shrimp, squid, mussels
  • protein drinks
  • lactose free dairy products
  • oil, cold pressed vegetable oils, olives, sour cream, eggs, mayonnaise, processed cheese
  • nuts – in small amounts (up to 50 grams per day)
  • the consumption of large quantities of vegetables is obligatory

Here you can read more about the Complete List of Fish and Seafood allowed on Atkins Diet

(peanut is not a nut, corn, too)

The consumption of fruits, cereals, pasta, legumes, potatoes, pumpkin is not desirable.

Weight Loss with Atkins Diet

How much Protein Do I need while on Atkins Diet?

Many nutritionists propose that people consume about 1/2 a gram of protein per pound of body weight, but most nutritionists feel that this is a ways too low. So, for an example, a one hundred forty five-pound individual would want at the least 70 grams of protein, which translates to roughly 10 ounces, or about two and a half small chicken breasts.

Athletes require more protein, as do muscular humans. Ones under pressure, pregnant or nursing ladies. Please note that Atkins guidelines call for as a minimum of 6 ounces of (weighed uncooked) protein at each meal.

Due to the fact that older adults don’t use protein as efficiently, they want at least 15 percent more than younger humans. Researcher Ronni Chernoff, Ph.D., R.D., lately stated, “The importance of dietary protein cannot be underestimated in the diets of older adults. Inadequate protein intake contributes to increased skin fragility, decreased immune function, poor healing and longer recuperation from illness.”

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