Wake up motivated go to bed satisfied and bust your ass in the middle
Wake up motivated go to bed satisfied and bust your ass in the middle
September 25, 2016
main bodybuilding foods - FitnessMonster.net
Main BodyBuilding Foods
September 26, 2016

Top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises

top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises - FitnessMonster.net

In this article will take a look at the top 5 bodybuilding exercises- the most important fitness and bodybuilding exercises that will help you reach your maximum potential, muscle mass and ultimately build a body that will turn people’s heads wherever you go.

You can train with heavy weights, but let’s face it, if you are a natural bodybuilder progress comes much more slowly than for those who use Steroids, especially if you copy their workouts and series to isolate one muscle group in the hope that muscle pumping will help muscle growth. If you want to reach the maximum potential as a natural bodybuilder there is no doubt that you need to lift heavy weights. You simply need to focus first on power.

If you want to build strength (and ultimately muscle mass) you must perform the basic (core) exercises. What do you think will help you to build more strength and mass? All exercises that use heavier weights are to be included in this articles as we focus on the main groups. Whether you do barbell squat or thigh extension, bench press or flyes, biceps folding bar or concentrated folding- we will show you the top 5 bodybuilding exercises.

Top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises

Barbell squat (Squat)

This is one of the most important exercises to build strength and muscle mass. Squats with heavy weights, trains not only your legs but your back and builds and expands your chest. Heavy squats will also help with the production of testosterone – one of the most anabolic and muscle building hormones in your body.

For people who have not done squats until now, it is recommend to first learn the proper way of doing this exercise (using small weights), then increase the weight as they get more experience. If you want large (bulky) quads – this is your exercise. Barbell squat.

Clinical studies show that Barbell Squat and Deadlift assist in the production of HGH (human growth hormone) and testosterone production in the body. These are the most important hormones to build muscle and burn fat in your body. That is why barbell squat is number 1 in our Top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises that Work list.

Squat - top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises - FitnessMonster.net

Shoulder presses

Shoulder presses is the best exercise to build muscle mass in the shoulders, allowing the use of heavy weights. Exercise can be performed both standing or seating. It is important to do this exercise in each shoulder workout, regardless of your level of experience. We recommend that you do the shoulder presses at the beginning of your workout. It is desirable to have a partner to help you with the barbell during the beginning of the exercise.

Dead Lift

Whether you are a bodybuilder, power athlete or fitness enthusiast you need to make dead lift to build power and muscle mass. Just like squat, deadlift is one of the best bodybuilding exercises and it is one of the Top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises that Work. It could be easily said that this exercise is one of the best exercises to build massive back and legs muscles.

It is very important that you execute the DeadLift correctly, otherwise it can lead to very serious injuries. For people who have not been doing deadlift since now it is recommend to start doing it with small weights to learn the proper performance first, then increase weights.

Deadlift - top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises - FitnessMonster.net

Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press is one of the most fundamental and basic exercises to develop the chest muscles. This exercise is present in every single chest workout routine – if not the horizontal leg, at least incline or decline bench press. The barbell should be completely straight. The grip should be wider than the shoulder width.

If you want to build muscle mass do less reps with more weights and rests between the sets. And if the opposite is your purpose – formation of the muscle, do more repetitions with fewer rests. In addition to being a basic exercise to completely construct the chest muscle, it is one of three exercises in powerlifting, which is a clear evidence of its importance and that is why it has its place in our Top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises that Work list.


If you want to build a V-shaped physique, this is the exercise for you. This is an exercise that will increase the ratio waist-shoulder in favor of the shoulders. You can perform a narrow or wide grip, behind the neck or in front of chest and many more variations.

Pullups is one of the best exercises to build the muscles of your back. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced atheletes. It is recommend that you do pullups in each of your back workouts.

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