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Top 5 BodyBuilding Exercises
September 26, 2016
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September 26, 2016

Main BodyBuilding Foods

main bodybuilding foods -

In this article, we will discuss the main bodybuilding foods. These foods are an essential part of the protein, carbohydrates, fats and overall calories intake of every training athlete. These foods can be combined in thousands of recipes and it is good to have most of them at hand. Either preparing your breakfasts, lunches or dinners you will need them in your fridge.

Here is the list of the Main bodyBuilding Foods:

food/quantityprotein in grams.carbohydrates in gramscalories
almonds (50 gr.)1311347
avocado (50 gr.)1598
banana (1 medium)129117
beans/lentils (100 gr.)1951290
strawberries/raspberries (100 gr.)0944
bread (2 slices whole wheat)1046230
cheese (100 gr. of low-fat)293300
chicken breast (200 gr. skinless)460350
cottage cheese (1 cup low-fat)286180
eggs (6 whole)364420
egg whites (12)404210
fish (200 gr. pure, white)420200
beef fillet (200 gr. clean)450590
milk (skimmed 1 liter)3446340
oatmeal (100 g dry weight)1656320
olive oil (1 tablespoon)00120
orange (1 medium)11560
spaghetti (150 g)17100580
peanut butter (5 tablespoons natural)2511500
peanuts (50 g)1210300
baked potato (medium)545200
brown rice (1/2 cup before boiling)1060300
white rice (1/2 cup before boiling)560300
salmon (200gr.)400380
Sardines (150g in olive oil)350300
spinach (200g frozen)5540
steak (200 gr.)600400
tuna (1 small can)300130
turkey ham (100g)200130
turkey breast (200g)420230
vegetables (150g frozen)3850




You can combine these foods in delicious and healthy recipes. Check our recipes section for more details: Fitness and BodyBuilding Recipes



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