Ketogenic Diet Definition, Benefits and Dangers - Is keto Diet Good or Bad
Ketogenic Diet Definition, Benefits and Dangers – Is keto Diet Good or Bad
October 4, 2016
Banana and strawberries Smoothie
Banana and Strawberries Smoothie Recipe
October 5, 2016

Spinach and Apple Smoothie Recipe

Spinach and Apple Smoothie

Most smoothie options include strong sweet taste because they are made of fruits. However, if you have decided to go on a cleansing detoxifying smoothie regime, you can get definitely get tired of sweet smoothies and it is better to have something rather salty, which can diversify your menu. The Spinach and Apple Smoothie recipe is a recipe that can replace your lunch easily. This green smoothie is very fresh and very filling and you can count on that it will satiate you for at least a few hours.

Spinach and Apple Smoothie Ingredients:

spinach – 50 grams
apples – 1 piece
carrots – 2 pieces
lemon – 1/2 number

How to make Spinach and Apple Smoothie in two steps:

The first step of the recipe is to prepare the products to be squeezed for the juice. Wash and clean the apples and carrots and squeeze them using a juicer.

In a blender or food processor mix the washed and cleaned spinach with apple juice and carrots, add the juice of a lemon.

Spinach and Apple Smoothie

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