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October 4, 2016
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Banana and Strawberries Smoothie Recipe

Banana and strawberries Smoothie

The Banana and Strawberries smoothie is very tasty and very filling! Moreover it is fully compatible with a healthy eating lifestyle. If there is a smoothie, to which even children will become addicted, this is the Banana and Strawberries Smoothie. With its attractive appetizing pink color it is also very tasty. The taste of banana and strawberries combined greats the benefit to be served not only as a snack, but also it can replace ice cream in the summer and can be served as a dessert as well. If you have not tried any Smoothie Recipes yet, this smoothie will make you fall in love with this drink.

Banana and Strawberries Smoothie Ingredients:

strawberries – 1 cup
banana – 1 piece
oranges – 1 piece

How to make Banana and Strawberries Smoothie in two steps:

The first step of the recipe is to prep the strawberries. Wash and clean the strawberries and put them for a few hours in the refrigerator. This step is optional, but if you freeze the strawberries you get a thicker consistency, and the smoothie will look like more of ice cream. Of course, there is no problem and skip the freezing of the strawberries, but you will lose some of the pleasure

Peel the oranges and put them is a blender or food processor. Mix them until a homogeneous smoothie is made.

Banana and strawberries Smoothie

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