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Mango and Goji Berries Smoothie
October 16, 2016
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October 17, 2016

Cherry and Banana Smoothie

Cherry and Banana Smoothie

In the season of cherries, there is no way you can miss to include them in your list of healthy and delicious smoothie recipes that can be done blazing fast. This Cherry and Banana Smoothie recipe is the essential base for all cherry smoothies and it can be changed according to your taste and your goals – either to be full for breakfast or simply lose weight and eat healthy. But even if you make your Cherry and Banana smoothie exactly as your see the recipe here, you will be more than satisfied with the results – sweet, tasty, cooling and refreshing smoothie. It is a real summer cherry cocktail that is superb for for breakfast, it can be taken either in the morning or afternoon, or it can add a genuine finish to your lunch or dinner menu instead of a  most probaly full of sugar and not so healthy dessert.

How to make a cherry and banana smoothie – Ingredients:

cherries – 1 cup
banana – 1 piece
lemon – 1/2 number

Cherry and Banana Smoothie Recipe

This Cherry Banana smoothie recipe is blazing fast and should take no more than 5 minutes to prepare:

First step:

The first step of the recipe is the preparation of cherries. Wash them well and remove their pits. Then put cherries in a bag in the freezer to freeze for several hours. Because of this step to freeze the cheries before blending, some might say this is a frozen cherry and banana smoothie.

Second step:

In a blender, shaker or food processor blend the frozen cherries, along with peeled banana and juice of lemon. If the cherry smoothie is too thick, you can add ½ cup water. Blend until a homogeneous mixture is created.

Summary: If you not add anything else to this recipe, it is ideal for vegans as well. it does not contain any animal products.

Note: Lemon juice is optional ingredient in the recipe for this cherry banana smoothie, but its sour taste adds a very refreshing touch of the drink. Note that since both bananas and cherries are sweet, without adding lemon juice your smoothie will be pretty sweet.

Please note that you can add yogur to your smoothie, but it will again be very thick and you will need to add some water to it. Initially this is a recipe for cherry banana smoothie with no yogurt.

The recipe for Cherry and Banana Smoothie is accomplished!

Cherry and Banana Smoothie

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