Body Type Endomorph
Body Types – Endomorph
October 8, 2016
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Bodybuilding according to the Body Type
October 10, 2016

Body Types – Mesomorph

Body Type Mesomorph

In this article we will discuss general nutrition, fitness advises, bodybuilding recommendations and healthy LifeStyle tips for this body type. Complete guide to the Mesomorph Body type.

What is Mesomorph?

Mesomorphs are naturally muscular and with a low fat percentage. They are born athletes and many of them are quite muscular, even before they start training, and when they start their muscles grow like mushrooms.

Most top bodybuilders are mesomorphs. This is due to more fast muscle fibers, which are more useful for muscle mass increase. Small minus of this is the lack of natural strength, but it can be corrected by training. Their bone structure is with medium-sized joints and bones, small waist, broad shoulders and a large chest.

Their hormonal status is also very favorable – naturally high levels of anabolic hormones testosterone and somatotropin (growth hormone). Their metabolism is fast and efficient, easily controlling body fat and have no problem with absorption of carbohydrates.

Determine your Body type

Pure mesomorphs are so genetically gifted, that others may say about them only: / “I hate you” /.

Nutrition and Diets for Mesomorphs

There is not much to say about nutrition and training of mesomorphs. They look good, no matter how they train and what they are eating. And if they exercise and eat properly they can achieve amazing results. But when it comes to a high-level sports – mesomorphs often fail. This is because results come easily for them, they rely on their genetics and do not train as hard as they could or do not follow a strict regime. This way they will never reach their full potential and someone not so genetically gifted, but far more tenacious and disciplined will take the first place under their noses. So our advice to this body type – Mesomorph is if they want to get involved in professional sport and be the best they should not rely solely on their genetics.

Fitness advices for Mesomorphs

Yet, to develop their full potential the mesomorphs can afford to train a little more often and more intensely than others because their opportunities for recovery are better. An example of such mesomorph in the highest level is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who during his competitive career has trained each muscle group two, even three times a week, six days a week and he was recovering well enough. For someone who does not have his genetics, this is a clear overtraining. In the training methodology is better to combine mixed with isolated movements and the repetitions should be in the range 8-12. Cardio workouts are important not so much to deal with fat as to overcome the natural lack of endurance. For this, two to three sessions per week for 25-30 minutes are enough. Of course, if the goal is to bring the percent of body fat to extremely low values (such as preparing for a competition) cardio workout may be increased.

Although mesomorph can eat anything and still look good, those with larger ambitions in sport must also select quality food. The good ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates is 30:30:40 percent.

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