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Intermittent Fasting
October 7, 2016
Body Type Mesomorph
Body Types – Mesomorph
October 9, 2016

Body Types – Endomorph

Body Type Endomorph

In this article we will discuss general nutrition, fitness advises, bodybuilding recommendations and healthy LifeStyle tips for this body type. Complete guide to the Endomorph Body type.

What is Endomorph?

A lot of people who train hard, but find it hard to reduce subcutaneous fat are endomorphs. They are with genetically slower metabolism and it’s easy for them to gain fat. This problem is sometimes further exacerbated by extremely low levels of thyroid hormones (thyronine) and / or other hormonal imbalances. Often, but not always, they are with stronger bone structure, shorter limbs and wider waist and hips. This helps them to be stronger, so often they dominate in power sports.

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Nutrition and Diets for Endomorphs

Endomorphs are more sensitive to carbohydrates so high carbohydrate diets are not particularly effective in dealing with fatty accumulations and increase of pure muscle mass. This is due to blunt insulin sensitivity of their cells, so they are predisposed to developing diabetes type II (non-insulin dependent). The high insulin levels in their body leads to fat accumulation and prevents fat degradation, also increases the appetite, which is another obstacle for a clean and muscular physique.

The best diets for a typical endomorph are those with low to moderate intake of mostly slow carbohydrates, moderate intake of protein and moderate to high intake of fat. Depending on the degree of endomorph component and the main goal, the percentage of calories from macro-ingredients may vary between 20-30% carbohydrate, 30-40% protein and 30-40% fat. This will reduce the excess secretion of insulin and it will improve the insulin sensitivity. The main intake of carbohydrates should be taken after training.

It is important to avoid all carbohydrates with high glycemic index because they are transformed into fat more easily than in other body types. An exception can be made with the post-training eating because this is the time when muscle mass is increased. It’s also important to eat many vegetables and other fiber-containing foods, which will prevail the rapid absorption of food and the sharp increase in blood sugar, followed by high insulin secretion. Moreover, they satiate without unnecessary calories.

Ectomorphs and mesomorphs can reasonably often apply cheating in their diet without increasing any fat. But endomorphs need to eat clean almost all the time because too much food or the wrong foods lead to insulin sensitivity and rapid increase of overweight.

The maximum for them is one or two cheating meals per week, but if would be better if they can go without them. Instead, it is better to apply a carbohydrate rotation – days with lower and days with higher carbohydrates.

Fitness advices for Endomorphs

Endomorphs can not rely on the believe that they will deal with their propensity to accumulate fat only with a diet without exercise. For them, training is more important than for other body types. They need to train more than any other to speed up their metabolism and increase power consumption. Training should include more cardio activities, not only power exercises. If endomorph wants to be in shape, he should make sports a way of life and he should be very disciplined, both in nutrition and in training.

People with small endomorph components can stay clean or reduce fat with little or no cardio activity. Cardio workouts for endomorphs, however, must be frequent and throughout the year, whether the goal is to increase weight or reduce fat. 20-30 minute sessions 3-4 times a week for moderate endomorph or for maintaining the achieved, up to 30-45 (sometimes up to 60) minutes almost every day for burning fat and for people with high endomorph component.

Strength training should be performed 4 to 6 times per week to reach the goals or at least 3 times per week to maintain the results. It should include mainly multi joint exercises for large muscle groups with 12-15 repetitions at an optimal intensity and short breaks between sets. This creates a large training volume, burns a lot of calories and boost metabolism and secretion of hormones that burn fat.

Among other things, endomorphs should be very active during the day. Their overweight often makes them lazy. They must find inner motivation to train often enough, more intensively and to strictly comply with a diet. They  should not sleep till late and oversleep. Getting up early, followed by a morning cardio on an empty stomach and a dynamic day is the best regime for an endomorph.

Body Type Endomorph

Summary of the Body Type – Endomorph

Endomorphs lose fat more slowly compared to ectomorphs and mesomorphs and for this purpose in order to do so endomorphs should make much more effort. But if they are sufficiently strict and comply with requirements for their body type, they will burn fat stores as any other type and their slow metabolism should not serve as an excuse, but as their challenge.

An example of a bodybuilder with a predominant endomorphs component that analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of his body type and has developed the most of it is Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler.

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