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October 19, 2016
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16 tips for losing more than 100 pounds fast and healthy

16 tips for losing more than 100 pounds fast and healthy

What I wish I knew when I lost over 100 pounds

Many people who are about to lose a significant amount of excess weight, do not know where to start and how to motivate themselves. Sometimes in the presence of too much information, they can not screen out what is most necessary and sometimes they do not dare to cross their comfort zone. However, there are some general weight loss steps that would help everyone who want to lose 100 pounds or even more.

How does weight loss work?

At first, losing weight seems so easy – we know that to achieve it, the absorbed calories from food should be less than the spent calories.

But actually, it turns out that this may not be an easy task, especially if you do not know where to start and what are the most important steps you need to take.

Moreover, if you are about to lose 30, 40, 50, 100 pounds and more weight, only someone who has been down this road knows that it is not enough just to follow your nutrition and your activity. It takes a lot of work on the thoughts, attitudes, emotions.

One thing is to lose “those 6 pounds that get in the way of our top form at the beach” and it is quite another to get rid of the big overweight endangering your health. In this case weight loss has a more specific role – stay healthy and live longer.

There are hundreds of people who can make the difference because they ran in both situations. It is very common for a lot of kids to gain weight before they get into high school. Some of these weight loss tips for 16 years old are extremely suitable for kids as well.

Young people can lose a lot of weight easily – 60 pounds for a very short period of time. But if they do not have the knowledge or if they are ashamed to ask for help the weight loss at such extreme levels can be done in an unhealthy and risky way. This can lead to many health problems.

We are here to help you get informed and make this informed choice to lose extreme pounds fast and healthy. We have the opportunity to share our experiences with others and we will be glad if these tips help even one person.

And so…

If you’ve decided it’s time to do something for yourself and for your health, but for that it is necessary to get rid of a large amount of excess weight; if you do not know where to start, take a pen and paper and write down the main steps which we believe would be of great help. Let’s start with our 16 tips for losing more than 100 pounds fast and healthy!

16 tips for losing more than 100 pounds fast and healthy

1. Be well aware of your health condition

Very often overweight can cause a number of health problems (high blood pressure, insulin resistance, etc.).

It’s good to be familiar with your condition before you start the change.

It is a good idea to consult with a specialist. If the problem is detected early and you take appropriate measures to control the situation, this may further help you in the fight with losing weight.

2. Start with the right mindset change

Many people perceive their diet as something that has a beginning and an end. We would say that this is doomed to failure.

The idea is that – to be healthy, you need to make adjustments in your lifestyle and keep them constantly. Change your LifeStyle to status Healthy!

It has a beginning but no end – you take a road, which should not bore you, but rather – to make you enjoy every moment.

3. Place your specific objectives in the long run

To have a motivation it is nice to put a specific goal – how many pounds you want to lose and over what period of time.

It is very important that this target is realistic and to perceive it as a guide by which to move forward.

In other words, do not be disappointed if you do not go 1: 1 with a preset plan as every beginning is hard and if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

How fast can you lose weight healthily?

It is believed that healthy is if you lose up to 2 pounds per week (8 pounds a month), but if you are too overweight, at the beginning it will happen at a faster pace.

Divide the overall aim of a number of smaller steps.

Much better for your motivation is to say, “In the next two months I want to lose 16 pounds” rather than “For a year I need to lose 10 pounds.”

Once you reach your goal, do not come back to bad habits. Hold achievements and be healthy, enjoying life.

4. Be patient

It took you years to get to the situation where you are at. You do not expect that you can get rid of that weight for two months, do you? Weight loss is a process that pays to everyone who is patient. Especially the healthy weight loss.

Do not be greedy for quick results, because in the specifics of the topic they are not durable and healthy.

We wish that when people start losing weight, someone can tell them that hunger will not take them to the right results but it will even worsen their situation.

Normally people do not ask such things and normally they do not get told. That is why there have been yo-yo effects and numerous health problems.

5. Get support

It is important that you are not alone in this initiative of extreme weight loss. The support is of great importance, especially from an emotional standpoint.

Find like-minded people – people who have similar goals.

Share your results.

Why not make a diary on our website? – we will gladly share your results to motivate others

There are people who will help with motivation, good words, will provide guidance and a different perspective.

6. Mark your results

Mark every success, no matter how small it is. Do not underestimate a single pound. Weight loss takes time and it is done step by step, pound by pound.

Take pictures of yourself – under the same conditions and at certain intervals.

We know that when you have a lot of weight for losing, the least you want is to take pictures. But comparative photos show things that elude us when we look in the mirror every day.

Taking comparative photos of you when losing weight will further help for motivation and desire to continue.

7. Do not loose up

At the beginning, you will lose weight rapidly. People around you will notice the change and you will hear words of approval.

The euphoria is great.

Over time, however, things slow down. The changes are not so fast and obvious.

People more rarely will mark your better vision.

Do not relax and not get demotivated.

Keep it up – you are doing great.

8. Do things for yourself, not for other people

Start the change for yourself, not for someone else.

Realize that you need to stay healthy and happy in your skin.

A lot of people will judge you by your appearances; people that insulted you when you were fat will now want to be your friends when you lose weight. Be prepared for this scenario.

9. Calorie balance

The law of weight loss is the same: in order to lose weight the absorbed calories from food must be less than those spent.

If you do not lose weight, that means you eat more or train less.

To start losing weight – reduce caloric intake or increase your physical activity.

But let this be done in small steps. Do not cut completely your calories in the beginning.

Our personal advice is not to take account of calories.

There is no way to calculate how many calories are needed by your body to maintain normal functions and at the same time to lose weight.

Do not be enslaved in calculations, especially in the beginning when you have a big challenge ahead.

Suffice to maintain a negative calorie balance and keep track of your body – whether you lose weight and whether it is not too fast.

10. Monitor the quality of your food

The aim is not only to lose weight but to give your body nutrients.

It’s nice to consider your current eating habits when you start changing.

If you take mainly junk food (confectionery, pasta, canned foods, fast foods, pizzas, etc.), prepare a strategy on how to modify the balance and to consume healthy foods.

A good option is to place weekly challenges – every week remove one junk food and replace it with a useful one.

For example, remove sausages and replace them with lean meat; remove chips and replace it with baked potatoes; remove “that favorite cake” and replace it with healthy homemade dessert.

Remember one thing: a calorie is a calorie, regardless of what it is coming from.

That is, even if you eat completely healthy food if you absorb more calories than expended, you will not lose weight.

The quality of food is related to your health and your body composition (if not getting enough protein, your body will suffer and it will degrade vital muscle tissues.

11. Experiment in the kitchen

If you do not cook, why not start?

It’s nice when you cook your own food and you know that you invest in your health.

Put emotion and enjoy your work.

If you do not have ideas, we’d love if you like any of our Healthy Recipes.

12. Healthy food does not mean bland and without taste

You can achieve your goals with delicious, varied and useful food.

Remember that if your diet is tasteless and same, you will soon get bored and lose motivation.

Maybe, in the beginning, your fast rests will motivate you, but when the weight loss becomes slower and in smaller steps, the tasteless diet will become a painful and you might quit.

Food should not be a punishment but on the contrary.

Introduce new foods and diversify your recipes. Use different seasonings and give yourself the pleasure of food.

It is not your enemy, but a friend as long as you know how to use it.

13. Water is your friend

Do not let yourself get dehydrated and drink enough water, especially when you turn on additional physical activity.

14. Eat slowly

You will take fewer calories, you will allow the signals of fullness to reach your brain and enjoy the food.

15. If you fall on the ground, get back up and continue

Imagine the following situation: you have started a new way of life, but you have decided that you shall not eat sweets. Withstand month, two, three, but your desire for sweets is becoming stronger.

You go to the nearest store and buy a big chocolate. Eat it. But remorse is starting: “I failed everything!”, “What did I do!”, “How weak is my will …”. You decide that now all is lost … and return to the store for another 3 chocolates.


First, no one has said that you can not eat sweets. If you like it, eat. Learn how to prepare healthy desserts. Meet with stevia.

Second, even if you eat chocolate that does not mean that all is lost. Go back to the wheel and pick up where you fell. Do not go back for 3 more chocolates.

Eating 2 pounds of sweets will not help you solve your problems …

16. Move

Speaking of wheels, let’s talk about activities.

Food is important here, because even if you exercise if you eat more calories than expended – yes, there will be no losing of weight, on the contrary – there will be weight gain.

Movement is needed to be healthy.

We do not recommend losing weight without movement.

We know that the more overweight you are, the more difficult the movements are. And not just talking about physical effort, but also for your mind- with each movement of the body you feel how … big you are.

Choose a physical activity to your current situation.

Start with small steps – it will benefit even if you increase your physical activities at home (walk from room to room; do not use the TV remote, drop objects on the floor and squat to pick them up, etc.).

Walk – beginning around the block/house and gradually extending their area.

And a very sincere advice: become friends with weights.

Please believe us that endless cardio will not bring the positives that weight training can.

Losing muscle tone and getting a flabby skin is what people get when doing extreme cardio and lose weight fast. This approach is not optimal. Especially with reckless fasting.

Training with weights will strengthen your muscles, which in turn will help you feel better (physically, mentally, healthy), and the bonus is you burn more calories.

We advise you to exercise large muscle groups (back, chest, legs) and do not waste time with folding for biceps and triceps. Not when you have to lose more than 100 pounds of excess fat, for example.

Adapt exercises so that you can feel good. Some people are so overweight that in the beginning can not do anything but training from a sitting position (pulley presses for chest, leg press, leg, etc.).

If you can not handle yourself, seek professional help, but make a careful research.

It is important to find a sport that will give you pleasure. Your goals are doomed to failure in the long run if you are going reluctantly to the gym.

For final and additional motivation we suggest you read the Weight Loss Interview with a woman who lost over 220 pounds (100 kilograms)

Good luck!

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