How to go on a diet?
How to go on a Diet?
October 22, 2016
How to Quit Bad Habits?
How to Quit Bad Habits?
October 23, 2016

14 Tips on How to Diet easily

14 Tips on How to Diet easily

We often hear phrases like: “I want to get fit, but I can not stop eating”, “I started a diet a week ago and then suddenly everything collapsed for a day”, “I train hard and give everything, but I can not be on a diet for longer than a month.”

This article is a must read for all of you who are starting a diet. No matter if you wish to lose weight, gain weight or simply maintain your body weight – these 14 Tips on How to Diet easily will be of great help for you. Here you will find some tips on how to adjust your appetite and keep in shape.

Anyone going to the gym wants to get the best results for his time and efforts. Many fitness enthusiasts train well and cope with the workouts to some degree, but when it comes to diet and nutrition they fail. Almost all of you might have tried different diets from the Internet, a fitness instructor they know, friend, but why there is no effect on you?

Everyone is different and needs individual guidance and approach. That is why these thousands of diets that you see on the Internet, mostly will have no result. How is it possible to recommend the same diet and workout routine to a person who is 130 pounds and a person who is 170 pounds? Or a person with a fast metabolism and a person with slow metabolism..?

But that’s not really the topic of the article, here’s what it is about and how can we help you the next time you decide to try a diet or a custom diet plan.

14 Healthy and Easy Tips on How to Diet for a longer period easily

# 1. Drink more water

If you are on a weight loss diet and you feel hunger instead of reaching for food, first drink several glasses of water. So not only has a great chance to reduce appetite and to avoid unnecessary eating but if you choose to eat your stomach will be somewhat sated and a portion would be less.

# 2. Do not drink your daily calories

Very often people who seek our help do not understand that they can drink a lot of their calories with their drinks. People do not understand that a large portion of the calories (50% !!) can come from drinks full of sugar. Some common misconceptions are that cold tea is plain tea or that orange juice is healthy and can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

For example, reshly squeezed orange juice – 250ml contain 21 grams of sugar and 110 calories, and it is a much better choice in terms of sugars than the ice tea. Not consuming such drinks would allow you to replace them with high calorie food that will keep you satiated for a longer period of time.

# 3. Do not fill your shopping cart with “junk” food

Easily applicable advice that can reduce the consumption of junk food and drinks is just not buy and not have junk food near you. So when it comes to eating the chance to prepare high quality food is multiplied by many times.

How to Keep on a diet

# 4. Bring your food out with you

If you are serious about achieving fitness and bodybuilding goals, the availability of food containers is a must. Good preparation not only ensures that you will keep on a diet but it will help you be on the right track towards the goal for way longer than a week or a month. You will not stray from your goals and you will diet easily and effectively. You can reduce the desire for junk food if you first sate your hunger with strong food, and then if you still need to eat something extra.

# 5. of our 14 Tips on How to Diet easily – Cafe

Coffee gives additional energy when you lose tone or when we think we need food, “to raise”, but in most instances, black coffee might do a better job. Caffeine stimulates the metabolism while decreasing appetite – which is great if you are on a weight loss diet. Not by chance 90% of weight loss products on the market use it as a basis. If you are used to consume coffee with sugar, you can try to replace it with stevia or another sweetener.

# 6. Eat slowly and in small portions

Start your meals with a salad, go to a good source of protein with vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, depending on how you balance your diet. So there will be no place for calorie dessert or beverage and often you will manage to refrain from this temptation to eat sweet after you meals. According to surveys it takes about 20 minutes from the start of eating for the signals of satiety to reach the brain.

# 7. Brush your teeth

Brushing leads to a sense of purity and freshness. This can keep longer without putting something to eat in your mouth. This can help you understand how to diet eaily. Tactics like this do really work and can help you keep on a diet longer.

Brush your teeth to keep on a diet

# 8. Distract yourself

Are you hungry or just bored? When you feel that you are hungry and drinking water or chewing gum is not helping, you can try different activities such as walking, shower, laundry, phone call and others. Simple tips like this can help you not break your diet routine

# 9. Sleep at least 8 hours

Shortage of sleep increases hunger and has a negative effect on the metabolism. This is related to the level of cortisol (stress hormones) which may rise even when full. Sleeping at least eight hours at night also would give you more energy during the day and increase growth hormone levels – they are directly involved in the burning of fat and the regulation of other important body hormones.

# 10. Healthy snacks

Keep handy something quick and easy to eat, that would also bring you and any benefits. Examples are certain fruits and raw nuts – such as almonds or an apple. Nuts are full of calories and can make you full for a longer period of time, thus help you keep on a diet.

# 11. Green tea

Green tea may increase metabolism and reduce weight. It is a thermogenic and natural diuretic. It plays a role in the oxidation of fatty molecules and is also a good antioxidant. Recently both as caffeine, it is a common ingredient in some weight loss products as Fat Burners or it is used in combination with L-carnitine and CLA.

Drink Green tea for Weight Loss and diet eaily

# 12 of 14 Tips on How to Diet easily – Eat before party

Eat high-calorie nutrition before going out. Thus you will be full and will easily resist the temptations of bad food that everyone else accepts at parties. A good example would be chicken steak with salad, boiled potatoes, and vegetables with a decent portion of water.

# 13. Do stack unhealthy foods

Do not on stack unhealthy foods and products that you know are not good to eat. The best place would be high and inaccessible – for example, over a kitchen cabinet. Another trick that we like is to share this type of food so there will be less to you.

# 14. Use your nondominant hand

This unusual study suggests that when people violate the physical sequence of action that comes to nutrition, they have more control over food intake. The result of the study shows that this unusual way of eating – with your left hand if you normally eat with your right hand can reduce calories intake with up to 30%.

The conclusion we know that these 14 Tips on How to Diet easily are useful. What techniques you use as you find yourself in similar situations. Do you have any suggestions or information to add?

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