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What is Smoothie? Smoothies are mainly made of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds. Smoothies are part of the diet of modern people who do not have enough time to prepare strong, nutritious and healthy food while trying to eat and live as healthy as possible during the hectic working day. Smoothie Recipes are suitable for anyone who has decided take off some excess weight and still eat delicious food. We at collect all kind of Smoothie Recipes in one place to make your choice of daily Smoothie recipe even easier. We love Smoothies and we love and have tried all our Smoothie Recipes!

October 17, 2016

Cherry and Banana Smoothie

In the season of cherries, there is no way you can miss to include them in your list of healthy and delicious smoothie recipes that can be done blazing fast. This Cherry and Banana Smoothie recipe is the essential base for all cherry smoothies and it can be changed according to your taste and your goals – either to be full for breakfast or simply lose weight and eat healthy. But even if you make your Cherry and Banana smoothie exactly as your see the recipe here, you will be more than satisfied with the results […]