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October 10, 2016
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October 11, 2016

How to Lose Weight on your Legs

How to Lose Weight on your Legs

How to Lose Weight on your Legs – Exercises for slimming the legs, thigh, abdomen and buttocks

Most people have difficulties losing weight from legs, thighs and belly so we will emphasize on these problematic areas. Surely, we will not do exercises for abdomen and thighs only, but we will train the whole body. Mainly there will be a lot of squats and power aerobics to help you lose weight off your legs. To understand why we need to do squats and power aerobics you can see our article “Why crunches do not melt belly and love handles.”

How to Lose Weight on your Legs

How to lose weight on your legs fast?

Mix this training with other workouts. You can make a workout 2-3 days in a row, but not permanently, because you need to train the entire body. As much as we try to train the whole body with every workout, though not absolutely all muscles can be covered, so do other workouts as well. You can do them in any order you want. Do not miss the warm up and stretching, it may seem like a waste of time, but in the long run it will repay you with no injuries.

Power part – you perform 3 rounds and go immediately to the aerobic part

  1. Pushup + jump with a wide stride to the side palms + Lateral lunges + Circle with the one and the other foot – this is one repeat – 10 times

In pushup keep your body straight as a board – this is achieved by tightening the abdomen. For lateral lunges it is important to push your butt back, not the knees ahead, keep your back straight (neutral) and if possible, do not tilt far ahead. For circles with your feet, control the movement, do not let your leg by the momentum to fall on the floor, instead, control a slow and gentle footing – on the one hand, you tighten the abdomen, on the other, you keep the knees from additional stress.

Beginners can do push-ups from their knees and instead of jumps – steps. Foot circles may be very small and close to the ground, it is important to try to do it, and not how high you lift the knee – with each workout you will become stronger!

  1. Pullover – 10 times

For this exercise, it is important to get your chin closer to the chest to lie your nape on the floor. Incredibly good exercise for the chest and back, perfect if you have a desk job.

  1. From bench press weight transfer left-right – 20 times (10 on each side).

You load the front of the arm and shoulder.

  1. Squat + foot aside- 20 times

Aerobic part – 2 rounds are performed

  1. By standing touch the floor + pulling straighten leg back + standing + lifting the knee – this is the first repeat – 50 times

Besides the rising pulse, we work for the bottom and back of the thighs.

  1. By standing folding leg back – 50 times

This is to rest, but we continue to “harass” the back of the thighs.

  1. Standing to push-up (steps, not leaps) and straightening and lifting the arms straight above the head – this is one repeat – 50 times

After mid my thighs are really pressured

  1. By standing folding leg back – 50 times


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