What is BodyBuilding – this is a question that is important to all of us who lift and want to get big! In this section we will show useful information on how to prepare your meal for your daily growth. Determine your body type and learn how to eat and train according to one of the 3 bodybuilding body typesectomorph, mesomorph & endomorph – a muscle building strategy that has proven to work for the most popular bodybuilders around the world! Bodybuilding is 30 percent workout and 70 percent eating the right food and building your dieting routine.  You can easily achieve results no matter if you wish to gain more weight, lose some weight or maintain your body weight with our top notch tips about diets and workouts for both Men and Women! We know that every start is hard that is why we have developerd special advices for BodyBuilding beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. We also share our opinion on steroids and how and whether to include them in your bodybuilding routines.

October 1, 2016

High Carbohydrate Diet for Weight Gain

High Carb Diet for Weight Gain – strategy to increase muscle mass for the Ectomorph Body Type The High Carb Diet is a program that provides the body with energy, using primarily carbohydrates – as the name states. In this mode the predominant carbohydrate foods are heavily represented. In most cases, this diet is the closest to the nutrition of people living in coutries in which bread is widely spread. In the High Carbohydrate Diet the proportion between the quantities of fats and carbohydrates in food is around 20 – 30% : 80 to 70% in […]
October 2, 2016

Warrior Diet for Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Warrior diet is an unconventional diet that appeals to the innate human instincts both with the features and with the freedom it offers. The creator of the diet Mr. Ori Hofmekler draws ideas from the diet of the ancient Romans and Greeks. He attributed much of the impressive physics of the Spartans precisely to this bizarre by today’s understandings regime. The main principle is enshrined in the receiving of the primary amount of food once a day – in the evening. There are no restrictions on the amount of calories, or the content of carbohydrates and […]
October 4, 2016

Weight gain with low carbohydrate – high-fat diet

Low Carbohydrate – High-Fat Diet is a regime limiting carbohydrates in food to the minimum amount in order to maintain a constant level of the hormone insulin. In this mode, the body extracts energy primarily by the oxidation of fats and in a lesser degree of amino acids. Allowed foods in the Low Carbohydrate – High Fat Diet for Weight Gain? The main foods that are allowed in this diet are those rich in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates. In this group are: nuts meat and meat products eggs fish and seafood seeds milk […]
October 4, 2016

Ketogenic Diet Definition, Benefits and Dangers – Is keto Diet Good or Bad

The ketogenic diet, or the so called keto diet is a diet for weight loss that works by limiting the total calories and reducing the carbohydrates in your daily meals. The most popular ketogenic diet is the Atkins diet. With this type of diet plan for weight loss the protein foods are consumed in significant quantities and so are the fat foods as well. Ketogenic Diet Definition The product of oxidation of the fats are ketones, hence the name of this regime. Carbohydrates are reduced to insignificant amounts. Ketogenic Diet foods: The preparation of the food […]
October 5, 2016

Weight gain with carbohydrate rotation

Selecting the type of carbohydrate rotation for weight gain, bad food and general tips According to many that used the carbohydrate rotation in periods for muscle mass increase, the result is “pure” weight gain. The carbohydrate rotation diet is very promising and threatens to replace the high carbohydrate diet by popularity. Bonuses of the carbohydrate rotation over other diets Compared to the High Carbohydrate Diet (HCD) the rotating dining brings the same benefits at a lower risk of synthesis of fat. Periodic increase of insulin levels is enough to guarantee an anabolic effect. With better distribution […]