What is BodyBuilding – this is a question that is important to all of us who lift and want to get big! In this section we will show useful information on how to prepare your meal for your daily growth. Determine your body type and learn how to eat and train according to one of the 3 bodybuilding body typesectomorph, mesomorph & endomorph – a muscle building strategy that has proven to work for the most popular bodybuilders around the world! Bodybuilding is 30 percent workout and 70 percent eating the right food and building your dieting routine.  You can easily achieve results no matter if you wish to gain more weight, lose some weight or maintain your body weight with our top notch tips about diets and workouts for both Men and Women! We know that every start is hard that is why we have developerd special advices for BodyBuilding beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. We also share our opinion on steroids and how and whether to include them in your bodybuilding routines.

September 7, 2016

How to do a Barbell Squat – Technique, Barbell Squat Benefits & Tips

There are different types of Barbell Squats and all of them have one and the same purpose- build massive leg muscles, strengthen the quads and your core muscles. Barbell squat is one of the main power fitness and bodybuilding exercise due to its compound mechanics. It is a pushing exercise that involves more than 250 different muscles in your body. Barbell squats are one of the most complex movements in terms of multiple teaching points. And you HAVE to get it done right or you can end up hurt. In this article we will cover everything […]
September 11, 2016

How to do Zercher Squat & Barbell Zercher Squat Benefits

Have you ever heard or tried the Zercher Squat? I bet that most of you might not have heard about this type of legs exercise. Some might have heard of it, but are afraid to try it as they have other well established muscle building exercises to do. This outstanding fitness and bodybuilding exercise can develop your core muscles, back muscles and leg muscles. This multi muscle compound exercise should definitely be included in your workouts at some point. The Zercher Squat is way to complex for a beginner athlete. Additionally you need to strengthen up […]
September 16, 2016

Top 5 Leg Press Variations for Glutes & Quads

Legs are one of the most important muscle group. They are the most hard to train and take more time to make a routine that works and pays results. Building muscles and shaping your physique are complicated tasks and they require a strategic plan, time to make the changes and consistency. Sometimes a simple tweak is necessary to change or speed up the process. Different leg press variations can push your workout to new levels in terms of muscle load and exercise change. Additionally you can benefit from weight gain by implementing different leg press variations […]
September 24, 2016

Ectomorph body type – Transformation & Definition – Complete Weight Gain Guide

Ectomorph: This is a term used to describe individuals (men and women) with naturally skinny body types who were probably always thin and underweight their entire lives and seems to have no idea of how to gain weight. Even, an ectomorph is a person that usually pisses off overweight individuals, because we make it look like we can eat to our satisfaction and never gain weight. That’s not a true statement, but it appears just like that because of our skinny genetics. What I mean above about an ectomorph is that: Ectomorph has a crazy fast […]
September 24, 2016

Standing Heel Raises

Standing Heel Raises is a fantastic exercise for developing the overall mass of the calves. This exercise is also known as standing calf raise. Standing Heel Raises – Complete Guide In this article, we will show you how to do this exercise. What is the starting position, what muscles do you train with the standing heel raise and how to do it at home. Standing Heel Raises Starting Position: Stand with your toes on the block of a standing-calf-raise machine and your heels hanging off the end of the platform. Hook your shoulders under the pads […]